Closing Information

In the case of inclement weather, Faith Baptist follows the following guidelines to determine if services or family night should be canceled.

1. We send our closing announcements to WOOD-TV, WZZM-TV, and WCSG, 91.3 radio.

2. We will try if at all possible to conduct our Sunday services.

We believe that each person should use discretion in deciding whether to attempt to drive to church or not. We recognize that some of you live close by or have vehicles that could get you to the North Pole and back. At the same time there are those who live farther away or are apprehensive about driving when the weather is bad. Bottom line—you make whatever decision you need to make. In my experience, we have had meaningful times of worship on some occasions when the weather was bad and just a handful of people were able to come.

3. On Sundays, we like to make a decision by about 8:00 a.m.

4. For Wednesday, we are responsible for transporting children, so we must take this extra responsibility into consideration.

5. We typically have a group that includes Pastor Bob, Pastor Randy, and a couple of board members to make the decision