About Us

Faith Baptist Church’s main purpose is to glorify God by worshipping Him in unity and truth in our obedience to His Word. We will equip people of Faith to serve, using their gifts, according to His plan in Greenville and ultimately, the world.

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We plan to I-M-P-A-C-T the community through:

Grounding people in the knowledge of God’s Word
Transforming them into devoted followers of Christ
MOBILIZING People for Ministry
Excited about their relationship with God and his family
Caring, serving, and willingly using their gifts with a contagious appeal
Leadership that is Spirit-led and forward thinking in vision and purpose
PRAYING with Faith and Conviction
Adoring God for who He is and thanking Him for his goodness
Confessing our sins and asking Him for forgiveness
Communicating our needs and asking him to supply what he sees as best for us
ADORING God in Worship
That Exalts God and celebrates his majesty
Attracts people with its quality and content
Stimulates people to be whole-heartedly and actively engaged
CARING for Others
Making hospitality a vital part of the culture
Ensuring that people are connected
Agile in adapting to changing needs of the church and community
TELLING Others the Gospel
Aggressive Outreach Program
In touch with, active in, and respected by the community